Cheap Coro Coro
Just saw this Slowking and remembered how fabulous it is. They have other Coro Coro promos and they're cheaper than I've ever seen them. Which is bad for my ones, I guess ;/

Itchy Feet

Today I have both literal and metaphorical itchy feet and I'm doing a thing (see below) and its all wronnnnng. Gah! And also there's a plush I machine washed hanging behind me drying and I keep being bumped by it and every time I go "huh! wassat?", and then remember before forgetting again and going back into the whole loop a few minutes later. All of these things are making me feel stupid.


Unsettled in Catan
My LJ has gone a bit weird, so I'm just going to ignore it and the things that aren't here, and write some stuff. I bought Settlers of Catan for my birthday, I've played two games with it and lost both of them. So think it might be broken. I looked on the box but there doesn't seem to be any kind of satisfaction guarantee. Starting to think I may have been duped.

I was blue. I lost.


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